Chrome RACER combines multiple devices into giant-screened game

Credit: Google

The brains at Google have a new trick up their sleeve, and that can only mean good things. The advancement they've cooked up this time: real-time, multi-screen mobile gaming.

Usually "social" games made for mobile devices are of the turn-based, lag-heavy kind. Friends sit alone in far-flung locations and must wait for servers to refresh before they can play their next move. Google's newest experiment, RACER just might have brought the age of slow, boring mobile gaming to its end.

RACER is a basic racing game, similar to those old trigger-operated racetracks we all had as kids (you did have one of these, right!?). The twist is that by placing multiple mobile devices beside one another, you can create shared tracks. Up to five players and devices can join in on a single game.

If that was the limit of what the game did, it would be a decent "experiment." But Google doesn't usually settle for decent. RACER is no exception to that rule. In a very Tron-esque feature, each racer that joins in on the game is given not only a unique color but a music track of their own. One or two players create a good beat — five, on the other hand, construct a practically orchestral gaming experience. All thanks to Hollywood composer Giorgio Moroder, the man behind the sounds of Scarface and The Neverending Story.

RACER is available through Google's Chrome browser, meaning that it can be played on any operating system — or number of systems — without lag. To test out RACER for yourself, you can download it from its site here.

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