Meet KALQ, a faster way to type on touchscreen devices

QWERTY isn't getting as much love these days. New keyboard layouts are proposed all the time that claim to be better than the old standard. American inventor Christopher Latham Sholes came up with QWERTY in the late 1800s for typewriters, though, so maybe the search for a suitable update isn't completely unfounded.

KALQ is one typing system that's trying to make things easier for touchscreen users. Since most of us punch away on a tablet or smartphone with our thumbs, QWERTY can be a bit of a challenge. I definitely falter on touchscreens, creating a hybrid typing style with my thumbs and fingers flailing in a way that is surely inefficient. My mutant version of QWERTY would make Sholes, well, most seriously displeased.

But Dr. Per Ola Kristensson at St. Andrews University might have a solution for my, uh, uniquely expressive touchscreen typing style. The first important thing is grip. Dr. Kristensson says, "We experimentally investigated six different grips and identified the best grip to use when thumb typing on a tablet or big phone. We then based all the calculations on where to position the letter keys based on this optimal grip.”

KALQ is also arranged to maximize speed and efficiency so that, “When one thumb is selecting a key, the second thumb should not be idle." This layout is designed so that neither thumb has to travel too far from its original position.

According to Dr. Kristensson, it will only take about eight hours to master KALQ. If you're curious, a free beta version of the app is available for Android users here.

Via Humans Invent

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