Google Glass demo shows off how most will probably use the device

Initial reactions to Google Glass ranged from excitement about the future of wearing computing to fears that the head-mounted device would invade everyone's privacy. However, as the weeks wear on, it's clear that, at least in popular culture terms, Glass is slowing morphing into the kind of geek flag that doesn't necessarily signal "cool."

In what could be a bid to help remind the public of the benefits of the device, the Glass team has just posted a new video that shows off a playful round of random searches during the course of a normal day. The demo is indeed impressive, rendering answers through the device that make it clear that it's essentially like wearing an encyclopedia of the world's collected knowledge on your face at all times.

However, for those of us that have seen Glass being operated in live, unedited situations, we know that the voice controls aren't always as snappy and the search results can sometimes be a bit off the mark. Nevertheless, the video, which takes us through 20 different searches, does paint a realistic picture of how the device works.

Interestingly, at one point one of the team members uses the device while driving. And while he never takes his eyes off the road, some lawmakers have already drafted laws to ban such use of the device. In fact, as of July 1, the act of using Glass while driving as shown in Google's video will be illegal.

Luckily, the driver appears to be in northern California, where driving while using Glass is likely to be tolerated for as long as possible. You can watch the entire demonstration in the video below.

Via Google

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