Gesture controller uses webcam to control software in 3D

It's starting to look like Leap Motion may have waited just a little too long to release its product, which was, incidentally, pushed back a few months again, from May to July 22. Just last week we told you about the WiSee Wi-Fi based gesture control hack, and now another company that has been working on gesture control for several years has unveiled a new development that instantly makes it more competitive with the Leap Motion. 

Back in February, Israel-based eyeSight Mobile Technologies showed off the gesture control capabilities of its system that worked rather seamlessly as a 2D interface solution. The company has just posted a video that reveals an update to the software that includes the ability to simulate 3D tracking using the basic webcam already embedded in most laptops.

The demonstration video shows a user manipulating the 3D spatial controls of Google Earth with all the ease and smoothness that we've seen in similar videos showing off the Leap Motion. According to the company, the software allows any camera, in conjunction with the software, to control devices such as tablets, laptops, televisions, and even digital signage from up to 16 feet away.

You can see the new 3D gesture capabilities of the eyeSight system in action in the video below.

Via TheNextWeb

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