Oculus Rift sim lets you experience a virtual beheading

The Oculus Rift has already impressed much of the tech elite by delivering what is apparently the first authentic virtual reality system for gaming. What do you do with such immersive technology? You grab a few friends and pool their talents to produce, the first of what will likely be many, new experiences never possible before the creation of the virtual reality goggles. 

Created by André Berlemont, Morten Brunbjerg, and Erkki Turmmal, Disunion-The Guillotine Simulator does exactly what it sounds like. It lets you experience what it might be like to go under the guillotine and actually survive. The mini game was created during the Exile Game Jam conference last fall in Denmark.

According to its creators, you can enhance the sensory experience of the head removal by having a friend give you a friendly karate-style chop at the exact moment the blade comes down in virtual reality. You can see the Guillotine Simulator in action in the video below.

Let's just say that anyone who doesn't flinch after experiencing it probably isn't even human.

Via Kotaku

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