New York health officials launch sex ed app for Android and iOS

Often mired in controversy due to differing moral codes from region to region, the topic of sex education targeting youth is something that remains a touchy subject. Nevertheless, the city of New York has just decided to harness smartphone technology in the hopes of educating the city's youth on a range of issues related to public health.

Created by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the app is called Teens in NYC Protection+ and it was reportedly designed with the direct input of New York City youth. What the software offers is a mobile database of information including the basics of birth control, how to get counseling, STD screening, and it even allows the user to search for doctors within the city's five boroughs. In addition to offering subway directions to various healthcare facilities, the app also features videos of youth discussing the topic of sexual health.

And while some parents will likely object to some of the content being made available, the app is already downloadable in both the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. So, regardless of any objections from certain quarters, for all intents and purposes, sex education just went mainstream via smartphones.

Via NYDaily News

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