Google Glass gets competition from a modded Epson Moverio

Credit: Engadget

The Epson Moverio was initially released as a personal video viewing device. But in the hands of the developers at APX Labs, it has become something more.

An admittedly clunky-looking version of the Epson Moverio has been equipped with a camera, mic and nine-axis motion sensor suite, allowing for some very cool augmented reality (AR) functionality. For starters, it's now got some cool gesture and voice controls.

But the list doesn't end there. Among the AR functions of the headset is something APX Labs is calling Northstar. Northstar is a series of field-of-view points that you need only turn your head toward in order to access their AR content. From distant traffic patterns to directions to a location on the horizon, the modded Moverio with Northstar can also include real-time video feeds at the site you're looking at.

There is also a social aspect that allows you to share your live video feed with others who are in your social network. Got a friend who is skiing right now? Hop in their feed and see the mountain fly by as they travel down it.

The concept is that Northstar will provide an AR platform for users, businesses and developers to build their own content into. Check out a demo of the technology in the video below. Bet you your Google Glass can't do some of the neat stuff this guy can do.

Via Engadget

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