Gallery: Tour of the Legoland Hotel

Credit: Alice Yoo/MyModernMet

We've posted about the Legoland Hotel in Carlsbad, California, but the good folks at My Modern Met got to take a private tour of the family-friendly destination. They put together a gallery of hidden nooks and crannies inside the hotel that go beyond just a regular sneak peek, so naturally we had to share it.

From the reception wall with about 5,000 mini Lego figures to the larger Lego models that grace every bedroom, there's something for geeks of all ages and sizes at this awesome vacation spot. Our favorite part is that each room has a treasure chest with a prize for young guests if they can first solve four clues.

And it's open now, so you know, check it out if you're in Carlsbad.

Via My Modern Met

(All photos by Alice Yoo for My Modern Met)

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