App says who has the best version of the dish you're craving

Want pizza for dinner tonight? You know that the spot around the corner makes a decent pie, but if you're really looking to satisfy an intense craving, "decent" might not be good enough.

And while it isn't too hard to find places that are top-rated in your area, what if you want something specific, like the best Hawaiian-style pizza? Sure, you could sample a bunch of ham and pineapple pizzas from different restaurants over time (actually, that sounds awesome) and eventually find your favorite. Or, you could give a try. is a great, free app for all of you restaurant goers out there that tells you where you can find the best baklava/steak/pad thai, etc. And since the "best" pizza joint might not have the "best" Hawaiian pizza, restaurant-wide reviews don't always do the trick. So, gathers a bunch of info from millions of reviews on sites like Yelp and Foursquare and zeroes in on specific foods rather than the best overall experience.

They started with New York and San Francisco and are working their way to other cities throughout the United States and Europe. Sounds good, but what happens when the slice of Hawaiian I'm craving is best at Restaurant A and the slice of Margherita my friend is craving is best at Restaurant B? Are you really expecting one of us to make concessions on pizza, The nerve., via Tech Crunch

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