Video: What you really see when you look through Google Glass

Credit: Phandroid

Despite all of the videos (including some that are hi-lari-ous) from showing us non-Glass Explorers how the device works, many people still can't fathom what it is that you actually see through its tiny glass prism.

The Android blog Phandroid has posted one of the best eyes-on videos of Google Glass in action, from the perspective of a person wearing it. That is, they've placed Glass right over a camera and filmed a detailed video of its capabilities.

In the video, you'll see exactly how you use voice recognition to activate features like taking a picture and video, initiating a call and a Google+ Hangout. They also poke around with using voice search to convert some currency, check a stock price, translate a word, and more. And if you really want to see how see how easy it is to take creeper shots with Google Glass, well...

We've got to say, after seeing this video, Glass might have more potential than we all thought, even if it does look silly on your face, costs $1,500 to buy into right now, and has a weak battery.

(Side note: I have been chosen by Google for its #ifihadglass contest. I have yet to decide if I want to pay $1,500 to buy Google Glass, at this time. Help me decide yes or no in the comments below.)

Via Phandroid

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