Self-folding, printable robot footsoldiers are among us

Credit: Evan Ackerman

The march of robotic progress is something of an unstoppable force. And while some people out there consider this interesting, others among us view things a little differently. Especially when the marching progress is of a literal sort.

Case in point: printable, self-folding robot inchworms. These robots were designed to be easily and cheaply printed en-masse. From there, a simple electrical charge can give them the power to fold themselves into shape. After that, all they need is a battery and a motor and they're off, inching their way toward world domination.

If you think that self-replicating robots are nothing to sneeze at, you could be right. For now. But consider that the only part of this robot printing process for which humans are necessary is the plugging in of a couple basic parts. And then remember the robotic assembly lines of major car makers. They may be Innocuous inchworms, but the proof-of-concept is easy to see. Printers can now print either robots or more printers which can print more robots, all of which can easily be assembled by even more robots. Where will the madness end?!

As you can see in the video below, the reality of self-folding robots isn't quite as dramatic as we might let on. Nonetheless, maybe joining forces with the Stop Killer Robots brigade isn't so bad an idea after all.

Via IEEE Spectrum

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