Interactive graphic shows the history of meteor strikes on Earth

Despite sci-fi disaster films like Deep Impact and Armageddon, most people aren't aware of just how frequently the Earth experiences meteor strikes. Now a U.K.-based designer has compiled an interesting data set from the planet's impacts and turned it into a fascinating interactive animated website.

Created by Carlo Zapponi, the Bolides site takes 1,042 recorded meteor impacts that were confirmed by eyewitnesses and turns that data into a moving history of the Earth's pummeling from space rocks. Using data culled from the Meteoritical Society, the history graph starts in the 861 in Nogata, Japan and spans all the way until this year's widely reported meteor sightings from Russia.

Amazingly, these impacts represent just a fraction of the roughly 34,842 strikes that have occurred since 2500 B.C. You can check out the visualization, complete with data on each significant strike, here.

Via Popular Science

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