Swimming goggles track your performance in real-time

Credit: Instabeat

Health trackers have rapidly become ever more advanced as the competition to monitor the health of athletes and fitness junkies ramps up. But one group of athletes have apparently been neglected in terms of wearable monitoring hardware: swimmers. A new solution has cropped up that could help swimmers improve not only their health, but their swimming times.

Created by former professional swimmer Hind Hobeika, the Instabeat is a waterproof health and performance tracker for swimmers. The device has the ability to track the user's maximum heart rate, laps completed, flip turns executed, and overall breathing patterns. Results are displayed in real-time through the lens of the goggles via lighted alerts that indicate fat burning, fitness, or maximum performance training levels.

Part of the attractiveness of using the Instabeat is the fact that it can be clipped to nearly any standard set of swimming goggles. Posted as a funding project on IndieGogo, the device is scheduled to go on sale some time in October for $229.

In the meantime, you can see a demonstration of the Instabeat 

Via DesignBoom

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