Have your plants send you a Tweet when they get thirsty

It may sound like a silly concept, but think again. How many plants have you killed that might have flourished if they had sent you reminders via Twitter? Botanicalls is a company that began in 2006 with a few simple goals:

1. Keep the plants alive by translating the communication protocols of the plants (leaf habit, color of foliage, droop, etc) to more common human communication protocols (email, voice phone calls, digital visualizations, etc).

2. Enhance people’s connection to plants, and explore the ways plants help humans, how caring for a shared resource can create sense of community, and how natural life is a valuable counterpoint to our technical environment.

3. Maintain a sense of humor at all times.

They used moisture sensors in plant soil to identify if they were over or under-watered. The plant would then "call" the owner with a pre-recorded message alerting them to the status of their health. Now, your plant can also send you a Tweet with updates on its various levels of hydration.

In many ways, it's kind of like Parrot's Flower Power concept gadget, but without all the extra sensors.

Via Botanicalls

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