Geologists dredge up a piece of the 'Brazilian Atlantis'

Credit: Alex Popescu

Nine hundred miles off the coast of Brazil, geologists have dredged up something fascinating — a rock — but not ordinary rock. This 100 million-year-old hunk of granite could be the first piece ever discovered from a very real, very historical Atlantis.

Some 100 million years ago, South America split from Africa. The process was slow and gradual, but by its end, the Atlantic Ocean was born. But not all of the supercontinent previously known as Gondwana survived the process. A sizeable chunk, situated right along the seam of the two forming continents sank, never to return to the world above the tides.

At least, not as an island. Because it is a piece of that sunken island that Brazilian geologists believe they have uncovered. The rock was discovered along a submerged ridge known as the "Rio Grande Elevation."

And while scientists are fairly certain about the Atlantean origin of the rock, they are continuing to bolster their claim. Drilling is scheduled later this year so that Brazil might finally be able to lay claim to the discovery of the long-lost mythical continent.


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