Deconstructed objects become art in 'Things Come Apart'

Credit: Todd McLellan

Things Come Apart is the title of a new book, created by artist Todd McLellan. Ever since he was a child, he has disassembled objects to see what makes them work and how they break down into their component parts.

It's an understatement to say McLellan's gotten quite good at documenting the results. Things Come Apart is a visual feast of disassembled gadgets and bric-a-brac. Size or complexity seem to have no bearing on McLellan's drive to break objects down. Check out the gallery below to see a sample of his work. And grab a copy of the book to see even more disassembly-as-art. Including a rumored Zenith CH 650 aircraft.

We're looking at these pics, and the only thing that's coming out of our mouths is drool.

Todd McLellan, via Colossal

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