Seamless? SNL mocks Google Glass, reveals real reason men want it

Credit: Screenshot (Hulu)

We laugh because it's true. On Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, tech correspondent Randall Meeks (played by Fred Armisen) stopped by to talk about the awesomeness of Google Glass.

"They're amazing," he begins. "I spend so much of my life looking down at my phone, but now thanks to Google Glass, my phone is up here and I can use it without being rude or distracting."

Cases in point: activating the gadget by saying "OK Glass," gesturing wildly with one's head to return to the previous menu, repeating the Wi-Fi password because Glass didn't catch it the first (or second, third, fourth) time.

"It's that easy," he boasts. After a few more mishaps, we discover the real purpose of this wearable computer when Randall struggles to mute his porn (explaining perhaps why they're so popular among a certain subset).

Best of all, Randall continues, is that Glass looks "like totally normal glasses." Riiight.

(You can't actually watch porn on Google Glass's tiny display — at least not officially yet. - Dep. Ed.)

Via Hulu

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