Giant motorbike emerges from the scrap yards of China

In recent years, China has gotten a lot of credit for being the place where some of our most beloved gadgets are manufactured. But in terms of home grown tech, the country's local tinkerers have earned a reputation for the eccentric, as exampled by this latest find, a giant motorbike.

Created by a hobbyist in Manas County, Xinjiang China, the giant vehicle features two enormous wheels that look to be taken from some sort of tractor, stabilized by two rear mini-wheels. At the front is a huge floodlight serving as the bike's size proportionate headlight.

The base of the body appears to be from a Suzuki bike, and the rest of the contraption looks to be cobbled together from spare parts. During a demonstration, the bike was able to transport up to four people, but in terms of speed, the monstrosity is limited to about 25 miles per hour. Still, it's damn impressive for vehicle made from "junk."

You can see the giant motorbike in action in the video below.

Via M.I.C Gadget

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