Artist creates deadly robot appendages, kills plaster cubes

While art is a highly subjective medium, the work that artist James Capper has been creating of late sure looks menacing. Especially if you're a human facing annihilation by unstoppable robot forces. Or a block of plaster.

What Capper has done is to construct a sculptured series of working mechanical weapons. As part of his installation, Capper himself demonstrates the power of his biting, pinching, grinding and milling "tools." As the event progresses, each tool is taken up by the artist, plugged in and then set upon a block of plaster which — up until that point — had functioned simply as a pedestal for the machine. After the plaster is well mangled, Capper returns his tool to its now-mutilated seat and moves on to create his next work.

Sure, it's only plaster being assaulted. For now. But, as the old adage goes: "First they came for the plaster and I did nothing." Well, it's something like that anyway. But the leap from art installation to robopocalypse isn't a large one. Not in this case. See what we mean for yourself in the video and gallery below.

Hannah Barry Gallery, via designboom

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