3D printers now available for everyday consumers

Credit: 3D Systems

We talk about 3D printers around here an awful lot, but for most folks it remains a piece of science fiction. It’s fun to read about, but access to a 3D printer remains dubious at best. Until now, when you can simply purchase one from your local Staples.

The office supply chain is the first U.S. retailer to carry a 3D printer for the everyday consumer, meaning the only thing separating you from making your very own cookie cutters (or whatever) is the $1,300 it costs.

The printer Staples will begin stocking in stores next month is The Cube by 3D Systems, a solid 3D printer to keep around the house. It can print objects up to 5.5 inches tall, wide and long and can do so in 16 different colors. Check out the spot below to take a look.

For anyone who can’t wait a month to get his hands on a 3D printer, they’re also available on Staples’ website.

Staples, via TechSpot

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