Video: Collision-detecting robot spider also has a talking head

What's worse than a super fast, almost too-realistic robot spider hopping around in real-life? A giant, agile robot spider with a creepy obstacle detecting head and…the power of speech! That's what one hobbyist appears to have created using a Hexapod robot and a couple of modifications.

The robot, which uses a Raspberry Pi as its brain, is called Charlotte, presumably after the cute and cuddly message-writing spider in the children's book Charlotte's Web. Using the motion-detecting Asus Xtion Pro Live mounted to a Hexapod, tinkerer Kevin Ochs managed to create a collision-detecting robot that, although it moves pretty slowly, is remarkably accurate in terms of navigation. Then, to give the robot speaking abilities, Ochs employed the efforts of a friend who used eSpeak, an open source software speech synthesizer.

Yes, we really should burn it with fire, as soon as humanly possible. But first, you can take a look at this ingenious monstrosity in action in the video below.

Via Adafruit

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