Smart lock uses your smartphone to pass out keys to your home

The debut of the smart thermostat known as the Nest gave us a peek at how Internet-powered, next-generation household tools will develop over the next few years. But for many big city dwellers, not in control of their apartment's heating and cooling systems, the Nest is still just a cool concept. However, a new tech-enabled home add-on promises to inject a good bit of digital innovation into the living space of anyone with a door.

August's Smart Lock is a keyless locking device that allows you to use your smartphone or computer to issue digital keys to your friends and family remotely. And, when a guest or family member's time is up, you can easily revoke access to that same lock with just a couple of swipes from anywhere. The device also works as an easy way to give a group of party guests access to your home for one night via integration with your smartphone's contact list. August is very similar to the recently revealed UniKey.

Another feature of the device that makes August a robust solution is the fact that it doesn't rely on an outside power source. So, in the case of a blackout, you'll still be able to lock and unlock your door, as long as you keep its batteries fresh.

Scheduled to go on sale later this year, the device is being sold for $199 via pre-orders here. For now, you can see the August Smart Lock in action in the video below.

Via Cool Hunting

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