Musician rocks a tune on his guitar while having brain surgery

Brain surgery and wailing on your guitar don't usually go together, but a California musician was able to help his doctors by staying awake and strumming some tunes while they worked on his noggin.

Brad Carter was suffering from debilitating tremors due to Parkinson's disease, so his doctors decided to implant a special type of pacemaker in his brain that can help to control them. The only problem is, the implant needs to be positioned perfectly to be effective, and that's hard to do without some real time feedback from the patient.

Carter's solution was to get the surgery done under local anesthesia, so he could stay awake and respond as the surgeons poked around with the implant. Because he's a musician, he figured the best way would be to crank out some tunes as they worked.

I just hope the surgeon didn't start bopping along to the music as he was poking around in Brad's brain.

Check out the video to see how it all went down.

BBC News, via WZLX

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