Motorola working on future electronic tattoo authentication

Last year, we told you about an electronic tattoo and a consumable sensor pill, two pieces of technology that promise to revolutionize the field of wearable computing. Well, yesterday those technologies took a great leap towards becoming everyday technologies with the revelation that Motorola has been working with the companies behind those products on experimental authentication methods.

The big reveal came about halfway through an interview with two representatives from the now Google-owned Motorola. Former DARPA head Regina Dugan, now acting as the head of advanced research for Motorola, pulled back her shirtsleeve to reveal an electronic tattoo. Dugan said, "What we plan to do is work with [MC10] to advance a tattoo that could be used for authentication."

Along those same lines, she then pulled out a sensor pill from Proteus that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed has been used for experimental authentication with a Motorola phone. According to Dugan, after swallowing the pill, "Essentially your entire body becomes an authentication token."

As for near-term products, the duo talked up the impending release of the new Moto X smartphone, a device that could ultimately decide whether or not the company even lasts long enough to realize its dreams of wearable authentication tattoos and pills being offered as commercial add-ons. You can watch the entire interview here (wearable tech talk starts at the 19:45 mark).

Via AllThingsD

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