Help make James Bond's futuristic sidearm a reality

Credit: MGM

In the midst of a heated national debate over gun safety, one company has thought up a very cool gun safety mechanism. It's also a concept that James Bond himself got to field test in Skyfall.

According to their campaign video, the majority of gun crimes are committed with another person's gun. Thus, Safe Gun Technology has designed and built a basic prototype of a gun which can only be operated by its owner.

Their first target for this very real, very Bond technology is an assault rifle — the very sort that is making all the headlines nowadays. Safe Gun Technology is looking for $50,000 to create a market-ready prototype of the weapon. If all goes well, they'll be rolling out smart shotguns and handguns as well. So if you want a weapon that is both safer and secret agent certified, head on over to the company's Indiegogo page and grab yourself some (decidedly non-gun) backer rewards.

Via Indiegogo

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