Video: A trip to the Google Glass 'Genius Bar'

Over the last couple of weeks, reports of people picking up their Glass devices from Google have been trickling in. But for some reason, there hasn't been much seen regarding the actual process. Today, we discovered a short video that finally shows at least a portion of what Glass recipients can expect when picking up their wearable device.

In April, D.C. resident Noble Ackerson flew to Google's Mountain View campus to pick up his Glass device and he decided to record the process. Surprisingly, the usually secretive folks at Google didn't stop him from recording at least part of the process. We get to see Ackerson walk up to a building that has the slick Glass logo sign pointing the way toward the entrance. Once he enters the building, we see that a set-up reminiscent of Apple's Genius Bar is in place. Google Glass branding and images are everywhere, and two attendants sit you down for a special fitting to make sure that the device fits properly on your face.

After that, the Glass representative settles in for what appears to be a brief orientation session. The video is short, but it finally gives some idea of how the first users are being handled when first stepping through the door at Google to pick up the cutting-edge device.

Ackerson also posted demonstration videos of riding a motorcycle and practicing basketball while using Glass, which you can see in the video gallery below. Have any of you, readers, gotten Glass yet? If so, how has your experience been so far?

Via YouTube

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