Mumbai unveils slender skyscraper designed to 'confuse the wind'

Credit: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Architects have unveiled a plan to add a new sliver to Mumbai's skyline. If it indeed gets actualized, the Imperial Tower would become the tallest skyscraper in India's most populous city.

Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the blueprint, winner of the Imperial Tower competition, shapes the 116-story, 400-meter-tall building aerodynamically to "confuse the wind," minimizing the negative effects of wind in this city dominated largely by low rises. The north- and south-facing sky gardens, which will include native plants, also break up the currents around the tower while providing green space and scenery.

A residential tower, the 76,272-square-meter building will include serviced apartments ranging in size from 72 to 252 square meters and condos measuring 195 to 1,115 square meters. Units on the upper stories will have views of the Arabian Sea.

Smith and Gill also incorporated green features in its Imperial Tower design. Exterior walls block heat and diffuse sunlight. Rainfall is collected for use while water from mechanical systems is collected and treated to be used as gray water. All this is much welcomed in a city where potable water is considered a precious resource, according to the firm.

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, via Gizmag

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