The most realistic Transformers costume you will ever see

Credit: Marc de Repentigny

Every robotics geek has probably at one time or another wondered what actually being a Transformer might be like. But it took a dedicated tinkerer to bring this idea to life by cobbling together what might be the best Transformers costume ever.

Created by Canadian Marc de Repentigny, the suit is actually one of many that he's created over the years. However, this costume is special in that has a few features that help give off the appearance of actually being a real Transformer. From the working exhaust thrusters on its back, to its robotic arm tendon gears, to its working three-finger robo-hand, the suit really gives you an idea of what being in the room with the movie version of a Transformer might be like.

And, like the movie, the suit even has those creepy Transformers eyes that move about inside the robot's head, giving the suit that final touch of authenticity. You can check out the Transformer costume in action in the video below.

Via YouTube

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