Hanging plants concept double as air filters for small apartments

Air Drop, an entrant in the Electrolux Design Lab competition bydesign student Jillian Tackaberry, integrates a dual-layer filtration system into hanging plants, making it ideal for small apartments looking to bring a bit of nature to the indoors. Overall, the system is meant to be largely self-sustaining.

The first layer removes large particles from the air, such as pet dander. Powered by kinetic or solar energy, a fan drives air through the system and into the next filtration phase.

The second layer utilizes Tillandsia, plants that grow in the air without soil. Such plants, which absorb nutrients and water through their leaves, are also effective in absorbing gaseous pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

There are several advantages with air plants. It avoids the pitfalls of soil, which can harbor common allergens, such as dust and mildew. Furthermore, Tillandsia plants are low-maintenance, requiring only occasional soaking in water, according toTackaberry.

In addition to Air Drop, there are more than 100 other entries in the Electrolux design competition. Find more concepts and vote for your favorite here.

Via Inhabitat

(Image credit: Jillian Tackaberry.)

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