YouTube update lets you downshift any video into epic slow motion

Slow motion video footage makes almost everything better, which is why, thanks to affordable high-end video gear, this kind of footage has become even more popular in recent years. In fact, the dynamic is so popular, one of the guys behind the popular tech podcast DiggNation just launched a new video show called Distort entirely devoted to slow motion footage.

However, just weeks after that unique show launched on YouTube, Google has modified the site's tools in a way that will allow anyone to begin applying the slow motion goodness to anything on the site. The new update appears in YouTube's Enhancements menu as a new option identified by a tiny turtle icon.

After experimenting with the tool a bit, you'll soon notice that it's not perfect. On some video footage a halo effect can be seen around objects, and the overall resolution seems to degrade a bit. Nevertheless, if you're not a video professional and just want to give some of your YouTube uploads some dramatic flair, the new slow motion option is pretty slick.

You can check out an example of how the tool works by watching before and after footage below.

Via YouTube Creator

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