Guy makes lightsaber at home with 3000mW blue laser

YouTube user styropyro also goes by the name “The DIY Laser Guy” and you'll see why soon enough. Yeah, that's a 3000mW laser in the video below — it kinda hurts our eyes just watching this demonstration from the safety of our computers. In many ways, it reminds us of the Spyder III "lighstaber" laser.

I guess it's a good thing that "The DIY Laser Guy" wears protective eye gear when he handles this incredibly powerful 'lightsaber' thing since he notes in the video that, "This is the strongest handheld laser that I've ever used." So no, it isn't an actual lightsaber, but it's pretty darn close and it can do some serious damage to things that get in its way.

Star Wars fans love to make lightsaber-esque stuff to share on the interweb, so we've seen a wide array of tributes: How about these chopsticks or these popsicles to enhance snack time? There's also some festive lighsaber sneakers to make your subway ride a bit more pleasurable. But, styropyro's laser is probably the most lightsabery of all. I mean, just watch how it demolishes those pieces of paper in the video. They didn't have a chance.

YouTube, via The Next Web

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