New mice bring back Windows 8 Start button

Credit: Microsoft

DVICE is a blog about the future and futuristic devices. You probably already know that; it’s likely why you’re here. But sometimes it’s difficult to know if something new is necessarily futuristic, especially when it’s surprising that thing does not already exist. Let me explain.

So there’s been a lot of protest over the lack of a Start button in Windows 8. Most folks don’t like change. Well, while that button may not exist on the screen, it will exist on two new mice that Microsoft has announced.The Sculpt Mobile Mouse and the Sculpt Comfort Mouse will both contain a hot key for the Windows 8 Start screen. It’s located on the side of both models.

In the ergonomically designed Comfort Mouse, the button actually acts as a capacitive surface that allows the user to toggle through open programs.

The Mobile will be on sale later this month for $30, while the Comfort will be here in June for $40. So for all those naysayers, desperately seeking a Start button, your saving grace is almost here.

Via Engadget

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