How about a remote control car that's also a quadrocopter?

Credit: Kickstarter

Sure, the Quadrocopter isn’t new. Even the iPhone-controlled remote quadrocopter isn’t new. But the remote quadrocopter that’s also a car? With propellers inside of its wheels? That’s taking things to a new level.

And it’s exactly what Ph.D. student Witold Mielniczek wants to produce, given he can come by enough funding on Kickstarter. The project is simply called “B,” and it is a four-wheeled remote control car that, in seconds, can turn into a flying quadrocopter.

On a single charge, it can fly about for 15 minutes, and that’s with a 720p camera and microSD card slot embedded in its body. It’s got vertical take-off and landing abilities and can switch between flying and driving without manual assistance.

Sturdy, too. The main chasis is made from polycarbonate, which is what’s used in bullet-proof windows and if it crashes from the sky, the driving rings detach to minimize damage.

Mielniczek’s looking for £86,500, about $131,000, to secure patents, cover fabrication cost and all the other fees that come with making awesome remote control tech. If he reaches this, shipments can begin in December.

Check it out in the video below.

Kickstarter, via The Verge

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