Video: The sexiest aerial drone footage you've ever seen

Footage of aerial drones in action is increasingly common, as is the availability of the devices themselves. So much so that you can now walk into any Barnes & Noble bookstore and easily pick up a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quadrocopter, controllable via the Nook tablet. Now, it appears commercial aerial drones have finally caught up with the mainstreaming of the category with what could be the sexiest drone commercial you've ever seen.

Posted by the good folks at AR.Drone, the new slow motion video of the company's drone shows the device first appearing out of the darkness, spotlights giving it the appearance of a UFO. Then the rock music score starts and we get to see the drone go into epic Die Hard mode and fly through fire, rain, and even a wall of ice. The badassery ends with the drone crashing into a brick wall, only to quickly rise again from the ground and perform a mid-air flip to sling the dust off. If you've never entertained buying an aerial drone before, this video might finally do the trick.

When we finally do get commercially viable humanoid robots, this is definitely the way they'll be marketed. Unfortunately, for those thinking of putting their AR.Drones though the same sort of abuse, the company includes an end of video disclaimer that reads, "This is a commercial fiction. Please do not attempt any of these stunts."

You can check out the slow motion display, as well as behind-the-scene making-of footage, in the video gallery below.

Via AR.Drone

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