Space diving joins the list of Star Trek inspired inventions

Credit: Mondolithic

The suit is called the RL Mark VI — a sci-fi moniker if ever we've heard one. What this suit promises to do is every bit a cool as the name suggests. That's because the RL Mark VI is a space jumping suit.

Space jumping, for those not familiar with the recent Star Trek reboot, is something of a staple in J. J. Abrams' films. A staple the RL Mark VI looks to emulate down to the last detail. A heads-up display (HUD), directional thrusters, and even some very cool parachute-less landing engines are amid the myriad of gadgets that make up the suit.

The suit, shockingly, might not cost an arm and a leg. That's because the suit itself is actually commercially produced. It's just the numerous modifications that make it so awesome. Now, the cost of using the suit, on the other hand — that might get a little extravagant.

To deliver you to the heights of low-Earth orbit, from which you will begin your descent, you'll be strapped into a rocket sled, shot into space and then let go. If that's not extreme, we don't know what is. Check out the video below for an artist's rendering of what the whole experience is supposed to be like.

Via io9

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