Microsoft tackles Apple's iPad with new commercial

In recent months, Microsoft has saved most of is competitive ammo for Google by tackling the search company's stance on privacy and filtering user data to advertisers via its Scroogled campaign. The company recently followed that up with a hilarious commercial that pits iPhone users against Android users as two Windows Phone users watch from a peaceful distance. Now a new Microsoft spot take direct aim at the iPad.

The 30-second commercial takes a page out of Apple's advertising handbook and keeps it simple by just presenting an iPad and a Windows 8 tablet next to each other on a white background. Using a voice that sounds exactly like Siri, the narration goes on to highlight the perceived shortcomings of the iPad such as software updating functions, multi-tasking, and the lack of PowerPoint on iOS.

Then the spot takes its most vicious jab by invoking a familiar refrain from Windows users, that Apple devices are mostly only good for playing around, by showing a person playing "Chopsticks," essentially mimicking Apple's recent iPad mini commercial. However, for Microsoft, the biggest shortcoming of the commercial itself is that rather than compare the iPad to its own Surface tablet, the supposed best example of Windows 8 on a tablet, the company instead opts to use the Asus VivoTab Smart tablet running Windows 8.

Of course the commercial is comparing competing operating systems, not hardware. But bypassing the widely noted shortcomings of the Surface in a head-to-head comparison with the iPad doesn't feel as honest as some of Microsoft's other spots. You can check out the commercial in the video below. 

Via Microsoft

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