Mataerial is an anti-gravity 3D printer

Credit: Mataerial

When you think 3D printers, chances are you think of a cube-like desktop device. Something that can create anything you can design — as long as your creation is small enough to fit within the printer's build platform. You can throw all of this out the window with 3D printing's newest innovation: Mataerial.

The brainchild of Petr Novikov and Saša Jokić, Mataerial more closely resembles part of an automotive assembly line than a 3D printer. But that's just what it is. A 3D printer — one without a dedicated print surface. Any surface, regardless of angle, can become the platform for a 3D printed object, thanks to Mataerial's innvative printing heads and quick-curing capabilities. Mataerial also uses much thicker layers when it comes to filament, layers which allow for sturdy, curved surfaces rather than miniscule 2D layers.

The functionality of Mataerial is surely not universally applicable. Manufacturing something intricate and detailed, for example, is out of the question. Nonetheless, watching the printer create lazily-curving scupltures which seem to grow from the walls is wonderfully hypnotic, and it's something you can see for yourself in the video below.

Via Mataerial

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