Barcelona looks to build a space hotel with an anti-gravity spa

In the last few years, space tourism has taken several major steps toward making a vacation in space a reality. But the space tourism industry is still only in the beginning stages, as companies like Virgin Galactic work out the logistical challenges. In the meantime, one hotel hopes to offer the feeling of living in space right here on Earth. 

The Mobilona Space Hotel is a facility planned for construction off the coast of Barcelona, Spain. Situated on a man-made island, the hotel will offer a 24-hour "Space Mall" and a "zero-gravity" spa. And, to enhance the space-like experience, large windows in the hotel will double as immersive displays, showing off moving views of various space environments.

The luxury resort could serve to boost Spain's flagging economy, with some rooms going for as much as $1,900 per night. However, according to one report, Barcelona's mayor is resisting the new development over concerns that it might damage the cultural aesthetic of the city.

The developer describes the hotel, which would become the tallest in Europe, as "an out of this world experience for all guests who wish they could travel to distant galaxies." You can check out a couple of those immersive vistas in the videos below. 

Via Dezeen & Telegraph

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