Amazon unveils plans for biosphere-style headquarters

Apple received a lot of attention for the giant spacecraft-themed building planned for its new California campus. Now Amazon has unveiled planned for its own new building, and the futuristic design makes even Apple's new digs look a bit conservative.

Slated to be constructed in downtown Seattle, the twin globes resemble the kind of biospheres often depicted in science fiction films, in which humans live while stationed on some remote alien planet. The outside of the building will be completely transparent, with multiple layers of glass supported by a metal lattice.

The plans for the building include the following description:

"While the form of the building will be visually reminiscent of a greenhouse or conservatory, plant material will be selected for its ability to co-exist in a microclimate that also suits people. To encourage growth and maintain the health of the plants, the building's interior will include high bay spaces on five floors totaling approximately 65,000 square feet and capable of accommodating mature trees."

Similar to the way in which Steve Jobs had to seek the approval of local government to build its own odd architectural flourish, Amazon was scheduled to meet with Seattle officials this week to discuss the construction of the domes, along with an accompanying skyscraper. You can view the full, in-depth plans for the new structure here.

Via Geekwire

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