Leap Motion shows off interface controls on Windows 8

Early adopters issued a collective groan a couple of weeks ago when Leap Motion, the company behind the innovative new gesture controller, announced that the device would be delayed by a couple of months. According to the company, the delay is designed to ensure that the device works flawlessly, a concern that arose after Leap Motion received valuable feedback from developers who have tested the device.

In the meantime, the company has released brand new footage of the device controlling Windows 8. Although Microsoft's updated operating system has taken some hits over its focus on touchscreen functions, the Leap Motion actually takes advantage of the dynamic and makes the OS look like the next generation interface it was meant to be. And, according to Leap Motion, the device also works seamlessly with applications within the Windows 7 environment.

Leap Motion also promises that an OS X demonstration is coming soon. For now, we'll have to wait until the device's new release date, July 22, to experience the magic ourselves. Nevertheless, you can check out the Windows 8 demonstration in the video below.

Via Leap Motion

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