China's Sky City will be world's tallest building by year's end

Credit: Broad Group

Like a massive erector set, China's Sky City is a pre-fab skyscraper, one that is expected to become the world's tallest structure. And will be completed in record time.

The total scheduled build time of Sky City is a meager seven months. That's a rate of 13 feet (more than a single story) per day. Even that incredibly ambitious goal is a step back toward sanity for Sky City's developers. The initial plan was to complete the structure in 90 days, which would have come out to roughly three floors a day.

It's true that pre-fab materials will likely speed the process onward, but that's a speedy clip, no matter what it is you're building. And what with Sky City boasting the ability to resist a 9.0 earthquake, the design isn't exactly something a five-year-old could whip up with some crayons.

That's good because the $628 million cost isn't something anyone would want to invest in a slap-dash effort. Hopes are high and fingers are crossed for next month's ground breaking ceremony and subsequent construction. If all goes well, China could eclipse Dubai as home of the world's tallest man-made structure by the holidays. Catch a glimpse of how the project will come together — and what it will ultimately look like — in the video below.

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