Brazil's Sky TV lets viewers record shows via Twitter hashtags

One of the best things Twitter has brought to our digital lives is real-time search. If there is breaking news, Twitter, not Google, is the place to search for it. However, one of the worst kept secrets regarding the service is how it now regularly returns results for illegal television streams. Keying in on this trend, one television network decided to harness the power of Twitter to help viewers use the service in a more legal and convenient way.

Created by AgenciaClick Isobar, Sky TV's Brazilian digital agency, the project allows subscribers to essentially record programs via Twitter. After subscribers register their Twitter handles on Sky TV's website, they are then prompted to follow the @skybrasil account. When that account posts a tweet about a program the subscriber wants to watch, the subscriber can simply retweet the tweet with the hashtag #skyrec, and the company will automatically record that program for the subscriber on their set-top box.

According to the company, future versions of the service will allow subscribers to tweet about shows themselves in order to begin the automatic recording. This kind of simple yet innovative use of Twitter is exactly the kind of thing most major companies are overlooking, so hopefully this latest twist will serve as an example for other major networks looking to leverage social media to their advantage. You can check out the spot promoting the Twitter service in the video below.

Via Ad Age

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