Video: Sony teases glimpses of PlayStation 4 console box

Microsoft is set to debut its new Xbox console tomorrow morning via live Internet stream and on Spike TV. But back in Japan, Sony is revving up for the big reveal of its own gaming console, and today the company tried to horn in on the excitement around the next Xbox by offering a sneak peek at the PlayStation 4.

Sony gave the public its first PlayStation 4 tease a few months ago at an elaborate event that showed off several great looking games, but offered little in the way of a glimpse at the actual console. The presenters from the company's Japan headquarters offered no explanation for the lack of a console peek, instead focusing on the technology inside the box.

Now Sony has finally decided to give us a brief look at the new console in a frustratingly short video that only reveals tiny parts of the console, while keeping the entire device front and center, but blurred out of focus. So while the excitement around the console will likely continue to build, for now we'll have to piece together these tiny visual clues to try to imagine what the next-gen PlayStation will look like.(As long as it's not a George Foreman-shaped grill-looking console, we'll be happy.)

The actual device is scheduled to debut at E3 in June. You can check out the teaser video below.

Via Sony

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