Video: The Matrix used to demo facial detection system

City's like London that use CCTV arrays get a lot of flack for what people call "the creepy factor" of having electronic eyes watching your every move. And as more cities, like New York, adopt this ring of steel model, the issues surrounding facial recognition technology become ever more important to the average citizen. That's why a video demo from one facial detection company that uses The Matrix to show off its product comes as such a surprise.

Presented by IMRSV, Cara is facial detection software that not only tracks distinct faces, but can also distinguish between gender and age. A unique aspect of the software is that it can detect multiple faces from up to 25 feet away. In addition to the visual data, the system also tracks where a face's attention lingers and for how long. As a tool, Cara would likely be of most use to advertising agencies, among others.

According to the company's CEO, the system guards the privacy of the public by not recording the faces detected. Nevertheless, using a popular film that spurred on a generation of privacy advocates doesn't seem like the best way to demo such a system.

The Cara system costs $39.95 per month per camera and runs on Windows and Linux, with iOS and Android versions scheduled to debut in the coming months. You can check out The Matrix demo here, and an in-office demo here.

Via SingularityHub

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