LED dome structure built for 2013 Coachella-goers

I can't quite figure out why, but it seems like temporary domed structures are a frequent fixture at music festivals. Multi-colored beach ball-like spheres covered the most recent iteration of this odd tradition at California's 2013 Coachella music festival.

Designed by Héctor Serrano for Borealis, The Dome, as it was cleverly named, is way more of an art installation than a true escape from the elements. This seems kind of silly — wouldn't it be nice to have somewhere pretty to go during an unexpected downpour? But then again, you West Coasters aren't as concerned about things like rain, and these glowing orbs really do look nice set against the festival at night.

That's what we're bringing you in the gallery below. No practical respite from the weather, just a solid, neat-looking art installation made with PVC pipe and LEDs stuck right in the middle of Coachella. That's actually pretty fitting now that we think about it.

Via Strange Line

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