Multimedia helmet enhances sensory input in real-time

Whether it's the latest health tracker or the cloud computing-centric Google Glass, wearable tech options are exploding. A group of multimedia designers have come up with a new kind of wearable gear that not only has practical applications, but looks like a futurist's dream setup.

Created by students from the Royal College of Art in London, the Eidos face mask and visor works separately to enhance sensory input. The face mask component has the ability to isolate sounds in a crowd and, along with a mouth piece for inner ear transmission, gives the listener the effect of hearing the sound inside one's head. The visor component has an embedded camera that transmits visual data to a computer and sends it back to the visor, which then displays the video information with enhancements that help the viewer detect patterns of movement.

According to the creators, the setup could be used for everything from healthcare (exercising the senses in the elderly or infirm) to entertainment (imagine dance recitals viewed with live visual design enhancements). What makes the Eidos even cooler is its design, which is evocative of a giant two-piece geometrical head-shaped helmet. You can see the Eidos in action in the video below.

Via Dezeen

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