ISS photo shows alien-looking moonrise over a darkened Earth

At this point, we've seen so many images of the Earth from space, most space enthusiasts will likely recognize even a new image showing the planet from a new angle. However, a new photo taken just yesterday shows our planet in a completely new light that gives the Earth a distinctly alien appearance.

Taken by astronaut Chris Hadfield from aboard the International Space Station, the stunning image shows the moon peeking over the edge of the dark side of the planet, which is illuminated by millions of points of artificial lights. The image, shot from over the Southeastern United States, was posted to Hadfield's Twitter feed late yesterday.

You can take a look at Hadfield's photography set-up, as well as a number of other photos he's taken from space in the video below. (P.S. Hadfield shoots Nikon.)

Chris Hadfield's Twitter, via Slashgear

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