DARPA shows off its cheap, unstoppable robot hand

Credit: iRobot

When the robot hordes rise up to crush us, the metallic hands they use to do it might look a lot like this. DARPA's three-fingered hand, which looks a lot like something Dr. Octopus might have at the end of his tentacles, is cheap, strong and incredibly durable to boot. All of which are highlighted in a new video.

The team that put the video — and the robot hand — together consisted of researchers from Harvard, Yale and iRobot. Their creation can handle anything from picking up a key and unlocking a door to grasping a knife or needle with which to do you harm. DARPA's goal, in tackling the creation of such a widely useful hand was function above all else. The result is this hand's three-fingered design.

Check out the video below, in which you will see all manner of feats performed by DARPA's terrifying creation. Of particular fearful interest should be the moment (beginning at about 1:20) where the hand is struck by a metal bat and bounces back as if nothing happened.

Via Engadget

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