Company focuses on green 3D printing

3D printing really is nothing short of amazing. It’d be hard to find anyone, aside from Big Printing, who would find fault with it. There is one aspect, though, that has folks concerned: most things people can create, especially at home, with a 3D printer are made of plastic. And filling the world with more plastic isn’t exactly synonymous with being environmentally conscious.

There’s where Emerging Objects come in. The Berkley-based company might be small – it’s comprised of four people – but the work it’s doing has huge implications. Instead of using the traditional plastic for 3D printing, the company focuses on innovative, environmentally-friendly materials like wood, salt and clay.

Emerging Objects isn’t too interested in helping create paperweights though. Its aspirations are a little bigger. Like, 3D-printed-buildings-bigger.

Once, long ago, a library was looking to relocate. It shipped itself, brick by brick, through the U.S. Postal Service. That seems crazy now, but soon we could be printing out our houses brick by brick.

And, as it turns out, it’s working, according to Gizmodo. The company has created bricks that are stronger than standard bricks at 90 percent less cost than current 3D printing technology.

Emerging Objects, via TreeHugger

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