Video: NASA records largest explosion on the Moon ever

Credit: NASA

Keeping track of all the large asteroids floating around space with the potential to end all life on Earth is a full-time job. But while the primary motive for keeping a diligent eye on the sky is the preservation of Earth, every now and then we catch a remarkable event on another planetary body.

On March 17, NASA researchers monitoring the Moon recorded its largest meteor impact ever, since monitoring began back in 2005. The asteroid is said to have been about the size of a small boulder and landed in the Mare Imbrium region of the Moon. The explosive impact was so great that it could have been viewed with the naked eye from Earth for just a second.

Although close-up images of the impact site have yet to be acquired, NASA believes the impact crater could be as much as 20 meters wide, and they've even drafted an artist's conception (see above) of what the initial strike may have looked like.

According to NASA and researchers at the University of Toronto, the Moon strike occurred around the same time that Earth was experiencing heavier than normal meteorite activity. You can check out the full NASA report, which includes footage of the meteor strike, in the video below.


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